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As it is nowadays hard to not become distracted by the rush of everyday life, I strive to capture moments to reflect on. Authenticity is very important in my work. The way I translate this in my portraits is by staying in constant conversation, while at events becoming fluently part of the company. This is how real stories are created.

Using the power of light, everyday moments become as if they had happened in a movie. By playing with light I like to emphasize elements in an image and create contrast. To literally put a situation in a different light. To see the world from a different angle.

My name is Geke Bosch, independent photographer, based in Utrecht, The Netherlands. I have had many artists and creative makers in front of my lens and as well captured personal stories to immortalize a dear memory. I translate anyone's story into image for those who would like to create an intimate and artistic atmosphere together.


I'm open to all kinds of collaborations. Don't hesitate to contact me for inquiries.

+31 6 48 81 29 30 |

Or leave me a message here:

Thank you. I strive to get back to you within 24 hours.

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